Microsoft Finally Buries Windows Mobile Devices

This past week, we have been hit with news of not one but two major Tech giants bowing out or discontinuing their services. The first being Mozilla Firefox ending supports for Windows XP and Windows Vista and AOL also pulling the plug after 20 years

While we are yet to recover from these shocks, we have yet been hit by another big blow as Microsoft also pulls the plug off Windows mobile. 

Although, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to most of us having seen “Bill Gate” a major stakeholders in Microsoft company switched from Windows mobile to Android device barely a month ago.     

Also Belfiore, Windows VP and former Windows Mobile program manager has also admitted his switch from Windows Mobile to Android due to lack of applications and application support.

According to an update from the Twitter handle of Joe Belfiore, the company will discontinue the launch of new Windows Mobile phones and also stop work on any new project relating to it. He wrote “Building new features/hardware are not in focus”

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He also admitted Microsoft even went as far as paying App developers for designing apps for the Windows Mobile phones, but since the volume of users is too low, most of the companies did not invest.

However, despite this stand, there is still some bit of hope for existing Windows Mobile users as Microsoft will still continue to support the platform by providing bug fixes and security updates for the system.

But fans should not just expect anything new other than that.

In conclusion, Microsoft has admitted it’s no longer releasing any future Windows mobile devices due to low users but promises to still offer bug fixes and security updates for Windows devices.
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