Mystery iOS 11.4 Bug Is Causing Major Apple iPhone Battery Life Problems

Users are complaining about fast-draining batteries after upgrading to the latest iPhone software.
IPHONE owners are accusing Apple of a major gaffe, claiming that the latest software update has slashed their battery life. Users on Reddit and Apple’s official support forums say the problems only began after they installed the new iOS 11.4 update.

iPhones are reportedly shedding battery life very quickly after the latest iOS update

Too-short battery life has always been a controversial topic when it comes to the iPhone – and that’s not changing any time soon.

The two-week-old iOS 11.4 update appears to be significantly shortening how much iPhone usage you get per charge.

One Reddit user said that after the update, their iPhone 6S was “draining faster by 20/25%”.

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Another complained: “I’m at 50% on my [iPhone] X when I get home. Used to be maybe 75% on an average day prior to 11.4.”

Some users say they barely make it through an entire day when using iOS 11.4

A particularly frustrated iPhone owner said the update has undone all the good work of a recent battery replacement too.

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“Glad I’m not the only one. iPhone 6 and I did a battery replacement 2-3 months ago. Used to be able to go all day on the new battery and now I find myself charging phone two to three times per day,” the user wrote.

Another said: “My [iPhone] 7 Plus used to last until night with average 10% left, and now it’s afternoon and I have 15%. With the same usage.”

The update went live around the world on May 29 this year.

It added a host of new features, most excitingly the ability to store your messages in Apple’s iCloud.

This keeps them safe and backed up if anything ever goes wrong with your phone or tablet.

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But it also made improvements to your controls for Apple’s new HomePod smart speaker.

Apple fans aren’t happy with the update, though – including iPad owners.

One irate tablet owner explained: “It’s pretty bad on my [iPhone] 7 Plus but it’s completely destroyed my iPad Air 2.

“This thing has been a tank for me. If my battery was a 100% and I hadn’t used it for a couple days, I would have lost a couple percentages. Now it loses 40% just sitting overnight.”

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Another said that even their new 2018 tablet wasn’t working properly either.

“My new iPad 2018 model is dropping pretty rapidly too. I’ve had to charge it twice over the last four or five days, which is a lot compared to before the update,” the Reddit user complained.

However, some users have reported an improvement in battery performance since the update.

“My iPad Air 2 has no problems with the battery. I left it at 99 and woke up with 98,” said one Apple fan.

Another wrote: “Odd. My [iPhone] 7 Plus seems to be performing better with no noticeable battery draining.

“I’m typically on my phone all day from 9am to about 10pm with small charges from my car in between.”

The Sun has also tested the new iOS 11.4 update on the 2018 iPad and last year’s iPhone X, neither of which have suffered any noticeable change to battery life.

We’ve asked Apple for comment on these supposed issues and will update this article with any response.

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Are you using Apple’s iOS 11.4 software? Have you noticed any battery life issues? Let us know in the comments!

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