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​How To Disable, Uninstall And Remove Bloatwares On Any Android Devices (Video Also)

There are ways to uninstall or remove bloatwares on Android devices. Those pre-installed Apps that came with our Android devices can actually be uninstalled. These Apps are known as bloatwares. They are always pre-installed by our device’s manufacturer and cellular carrier.

Although some of these Apps are useful but others are not as they are just on our devices consuming space other needed Apps could have utilized. Aside consuming device storage and RAM, bloatwares are also guilty of draining device’s battery as they keep running in the background.

Having figured out what they are capable of doing, the next thing is to decide whether to just disable such bloatwares or uninstalling it. Which ever decision you decide to take is covered in this post as we’ll show you how to disable and uninstall or remove bloatwares completely from your device.

Before taking the decision to either disable or uninstall or remove bloatwares, it is necessary we understand what each term will do.

If you decide to disable bloatwares  what your decision simply means is that, while the App still remains on your device, it is inactive and won’t be able to run in background but it still occupies a certain percentage of your storage. But when you decide to uninstall or remove bloatwares from your device, it means such App would be completely deleted freeing up space and minimizing battery usage. To disable App doesn’t require device to be rooted, but if your decision is to uninstall or remove bloatwares then you will definitely need to root your device.

See steps below.

How To Disable Bloatware On Android Devices

— Goto Settings

— Tap on Apps to display the list of Apps on your device

— Tap on the App to disable

— You will see two Tabs i.e Force stop and Disable

— Tap Disable

— Tap YES to the pop-up message

That is how to disable bloatwares to minimize. If you ever wish to enable the App, repeat procedures above and Tap “Enable” this time.

However, if you still wish to completely uninstall or remove bloatwares on your device, then you  would need a rooted device.

NOTEMake BACKUP of your device. Titanium Backup is the most recommended app to back up your device before you start deleting system apps, which is risky and could cause serious trouble if you make a wrong move. So, most importantly, make backup. 

If you wish to root your device in order to remove bloatwares then download “kingroot  which is a safer App to root Android devices with just a tap of a button. After installation, open and tap on “root device” (very user friendly and self explanatory).

How To Uninstall Or Remove Bloatwares On Android Devices Using Kingroot (ROOTED DEVICES ONLY)

Having rooted your device, do these:
— Open Kingroot

— Click on more tools

— Uninstall tool

— Mark the pre-installed Apps you wish to uninstall (NOTE: Be careful when picking what to uninstall, uninstalling some vital Apps might affect your device)

— Tap uninstall and those bloatdwares  would be completely uninstalled from your device giving up some free storage and RAM.

Watch the video tutorial  we made for this post below

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