See How ​​Apple Watch Saved The Life Of This Brooklyn Man


To some, Apple watches might just be mass market wearable smart gadgets but certainly not to Podcaster James Greene as his Apple watch saved his life.

According to the Brooklyne Podcaster James Greene’s tweet, the incident happened on 13th of October when his Apple smart watch alerted him of a spike in his heart rate which made him quickly seek medical attention by calling his doctor who later admitted him to the hospital. He said he didn’t know that the notification sent by his “stupid lil wrist computer” he had bought two years prior would save his life.

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Greene said, that he had a pulmonary embolism — a potentially life-threatening condition caused by blocked arteries in the lungs. The risk of death, however, is greatly reduced by prompt treatments to break up those clots, according to Mayo Clinic.

Greene in another tweet, took time out to thank the makers of Heart Watch, a third party App which uses Apple Watch’s built-in heart rate monitor to send notifications to users when it detects heart rate abnormalities. This App by default, notifies its users of heart rate spikes above 120bmp.

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Obviously, this isn’t the first time these Apple smartwatches  would be saving their owners’ lifes, earlier this year, a man involved in a car accident said that his Apple Watch helped him contact first responders in the wake of the crash, In 2015, a teen said that the Apple Watch’s heart monitor alerted him of a dangerously elevated heart issue.

The Apple Watch has the most accurate heart rate monitor of any fitness tracker, this is according to study by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco which prooved that the Apple Watch can detect heart issues with around a 97 percent accuracy.

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Apple announced that it was working with clinicians at Stanford University and experts at American Well to determine if the wearable’s heart rate monitors could detect abnormal heart rhythms, or cardiac arrhythmias, CNBC reported in May.

Greene was later discharged from the hospital and sent home after the incident. And although he added that he will be on blood thinners “for life,” he hopes that this is the last time that it happens.

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