See Why You Are Not Eligible For The MTN 4GB Data For #1000 And How To Make Yourself Eligible

This post will enlighten you on why you are not eligible for the MTN 4GB data for #1000 and how to make yourself eligible for the offer.



It’s no longer news that there is a new Deal Zone Package newly introduced by one of Nigeria’s Telecoms giant ‘MTN’, this new data package gives users 4GB worth of data for #1000, 1GB for #200 and 250MB for #100 respectively. See detailed post on the this MTN 4GB for #1000 data offer here.

Although most Nigerian ISP are now dazing their subscribers with mouth watering data offers, like this Airtel data plan of 10GB For #500, 2GB For #100 or this Airtel Data Plan 1.5GB Data With #500 Or 11GB With #2500 but it’s for a reason.

Before we dive in, it is important to let you know this new offer has been on for a while now but we noticed it is not for every MTN subscribers as most blogs claim, which was why we decided not to post it immediately it landed.

But we’ll be enlightening you on why you are not eligible for the MTN 4GB data for #1000 and how to make yourself eligible.

True, most of our Internet Service Providers come up with these mouth watering data offers and awoofs in other to retain old subscribers and also garner new subscribers from competitors’ networks. We all know Nigeria’s Telecoms sector is a very competitive one infact, the competition is even obvious when you watch some of their TV ads.

With that said, here is why you are not eligible for this new data offer. This offer is only eligible to MTN subscribers with no chargeable transactions on their lines within the last 30days and more. By ‘no chargeable transactions’ I mean you would only be eligible for this data offer only if you didn’t recharge your line, make outgoing calls, send text messages or surf the internet on your MTN line within the last 30days or more. So if you have performed a chargeable transaction on your MTN line in 30days, you will not be eligible for the offer. Now you know your SIM not eligible for the offer is not a matter of the tariff plan you on or based on SIM preferences.

MTN probably plans to win back old customers who have probably migrated to other network with this new approach, which is a very good idea.


To make any MTN line eligible for this offer is very easy since we have already established not performing a chargeable transaction on your line is the criteria MTN uses to make a SIM eligible then the trick will definitely be getting an old MTN SIM that has not had a chargeable transaction performed on it in last 30 days or more.

Another way would be to not top up your line, make outgoing calls, send messages or browse on your line for the next 30days, after which you can now dial *559*65# to check your eligibility status then proceed to subscribing to this MTN 4GB Data for #1000. See details on how to subscribe here.

We hope this post actually guided you on why you are not eligible for the MTN 4GB data for #1000 and how to make yourself eligible. If you love this post and want more tech tips, kindly like our Social Platforms and also help share this post to your social circles.



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