See Why You Get Google Playstores’ App Incompatibility error

​​“This is a complete guide to why you Get that Google Playstores’ Apps Incompatibility error”.

Opening Google Playstore to download that cool App or Game you probably saw on your friend’s phone, only to see no trace of it. Now, using chrome browser you got the Playstore’s App link only for you to see this “your device isn’t compatible with this version” in place of the usual “install” tab.

This actually hurts, most especially when device’s OS is up to date and you still get this incompatibility issue. What this actually mean is that, there is a restriction barring you from downloading such App. These restrictions, are always placed by the Apps’ developers.

Without wasting time, this post will guide you through the most common restrictions that cause this Apps incompatibility and how they work.

Apps incompatibility are as a result of:

— Regional restrictions
— Android version restrictions
— Device restrictions
— Manufacturers specific App restriction

Region Restrictions

Google’s PlayStore Apps incompatibility is a function of the regional restrictions placed by the App’s developer. Region restrictions simply means you are located in an unsupported region of the world. Sounds unfair, but there are many apps that, for example, only work in the US — and in order to filter off clueless reviews, the developers made the app region-restricted. Any regions not listed by the developer would see this incompatibility error at any attempt to download such app from play store.

Note: Restricted Apps will not show up in Google play store’s directly so you will need to use Google search directly i.e then type the app name.

Outdated Android Version

Just as Apps can have hardware requirements, many apps also have software requirements in the form of your current Android version.

Every new version of Android comes with a handful of new features and improvements that apps can take advantage of and use. If an App relies on one of these features, then it may not work at all, and there’s no point in allowing you to install the app.

However, it’s more likely for apps to be labeled incompatible simply for the convenience of the developers. Underlying structural changes to Android from version to version may require developers to include workarounds for “backwards compatibility” — and instead of wasting valuable time on this, they may just mark the app incompatible.
The best thing to do here is to update your Android version to fix such incompatibility.

Devices’ Restriction

Another reason you experience Google playstore’s App incompatibility is because there is a device restriction placed on the App by the developer. What this simply mean is that your device was not enlisted to be compatible with the App and as such, the App might not work on your devices. Though this is not always true as downloading the same App on third party sources may prove otherwise. Developers often do this when there are weird glitches or bugs on particular models that can’t be fixed.

Again, you probably must have experienced a situation where you were able to install a particular App on your Samsung phone but not able to install same on your Samsung Galaxy Tab or vice versa even when they run the same OS version. This is because the developer already marked the app as “phone only” or “tablet only”, which is just an easier way to make that app incompatible with a broader range of devices.

Manufacturer-Specific Apps

Again, some apps are developed and maintained by device manufacturers, such apps are designed to work with certain features that are only available on such manufacturer’s devices, this is an infamous hurdle though and its not so common but it sure does exist.

But since Android is an open source platform, there would and are always alternatives apps to bypass these forms of device incompatibility and these alternative Apps tend to be better.

Since we have been able to identify the cause of most Google playstore’s App incompatibility. The next thing now is to know how to bypass these restrictions to get our desired apps. There are countless ways to fix this incompatibility which we are going to share next. Kindly stay up for it.

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