(Solved) Google Play Store Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to Server


Google Play Store, is the official store to download apps on android devices. 90% of times, it comes as the default store.
No doubt, the store gives users the privilege to customise their android devices to tastes which soothes them as Apps are openly sourced and coupled with the fact that there are countless number of Third party Apps to achieve this. But have you ever experienced a situation where none of the Google services worked i.e e-mails not synchronizing,  YouTube not opening, Google play store not working? And you are sure your login details are correct. 

These often happen most times and one thing with Google Services is that, once a particular Service has issues, it affects all the other services most times.

Putting this into consideration, we have provided this soft solutions for most minor Google Issues.

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– Turn off and Turn On data

– Reboot your device

– Check to confirm your date & time are correct. You might need to turn on “use network provided time & date” under date and time settings.

– If you just added or updated your google account information, give it some time then check later.

– Clear google playstore & google play services app caches. To do this, goto settings>apps> google play store> clear cache.

– Uninstall google updates

– Remove Account. To do this, Go to Settings> device’s Account settings> Tap on ‘Google’ or something similar> Tap on your account> Select ‘Remove account’ from the bottom of the screen and confirm the action. Then restart your device and sign into your Google account again. The above solution will resolve most minor Google issues but to resolve “Google Play Store Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to Server” error, you will need to apply a new method as the above solution won’t even resolve it.

To know if Google services are not working as a result of “Google Play Store Can’t Establish a Reliable Data Connection to Server” error, delete one of your Google account i.e a Google e-mail you use with your Google service then try adding it again or creating a new one to get the error message
If you get the error message on your screen, don’t worry as we now know it’s because your access to  google services is completely blocked due to an entry error in the system file hosts of the affected device that directs the device to a Google server with an IP that has been changed. There are two procedures that can be used to fix this and it should be noted that both of these methods require the affected device to be rooted as they call for the user to access and edit the hosts file. To resolve this, you will need to edit the Hosts file manually.



– Install Root Explorer.

– Open Root Explorer and grant SuperUser access to the app.

– Go to the folder ‘root’ then ‘folder etc’.

– Tap ‘Mount R/W’ which is located at the top of the screen.

– Look for the ‘hosts file’ in the ‘etc folder’, long press on the host file and open it with a text editor.

– Add a # right before the second IP address on the list, which looks like “ android.clients.google.com”, turning it into “# android.clients.google.com”.

– Save the file.
– Reboot the device and add your existing or new account now. It will definitely work now.

Delete the Hosts file using Lucky Patcher

– Download and Install Lucky Patcher.

– Open Lucky Patcher and select Block ads on device.

PRO TIP: If the issue is with your computer or a laptop/notebook you should try using the Reimage Plus Software which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption.

– In the popup menu that appears, select Clear hosts file.

– Reboot the device, and when the device starts up, the hosts file will be restored, this time directing the device to a Google server with a valid IP address. 

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