Tools For Maintaining  Password Security

​Your password should be easy to remember but at the same time hard to guess. We already discussed how passwords can be stolen by ha*kers. The next thing now is,  securing our passwords from attacks and to do this, we would need to consider acquiring some tools:  

A Password Generator

This helps you create passwords; especially handy if you’re tired of composing your own, and if you need very strong passwords. Here’s a tool that allows you to generate both simple and strong passwords:

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A Password Strength Tester 

If you really want to compose your own passwords, you should make sure they’re strong enough. Tools like can help you determine whether your password is difficult to crack.

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A Password Manager

This tool helps you securely manage all your passwords in one location and means you don’t have to remember multiple, complicated passwords. You can centralize all your passwords from your email accounts, blogs, social networking sites, online banks, and so on. Here’s a popular one that’s also free: KeePass.
A Built-in Volume or Hard Disk Encryption

If you prefer to keep your passwords in files and save them to your desktop or laptop, the easiest way to secure them is to use your operating system’s built-in volume or hard disk encryption programs. Using them is pretty straight forward. In Windows, use BitLocker. And in Mac OS X, use FileVault.
An Encryption-Enabled Password Sharing Tool

 When people send passwords to work colleagues they usually email them. However, many email services are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. Use a free tool like Firepass, which encrypts your password and sends it so that only the intended recipient can access it.

Just employing the above tools will put you way ahead of the crowd; most people do not put enough thought into creating, storing or sending their passwords; it’s never too late to start getting serious about protecting your most confidential and sensitive information.

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