It’s no longer news that Android Os has come to stay and infact the best so far as it is leading worldwide.

Nigeria as a country, is not left out of the countries using Android smartphones and the reason we’ve got lot of high and low end Android phones in the country. But one thing that has always been a major concern to Android users worldwide, is the rate at which data is Capped, Zapped on android device which is not so on Blackberry devices and as such, Tweakers have devised a way to also enjoy the same benefits enjoyed on Blackberry devices when it comes to data allocation and charges when browsing on Android devices. This is made possible on Android devices through IMEI tweaking which is what this particular post is about. 

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What is IMEI?

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) in short, is a form of unique electronic serial 15 digit numbers which every Phone manufactured has, be it Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Htc, Gionee, Tecno etc.
It is possible to tweak android devices IMEI to that of a blackberry and automatically make your service provider see your Android as a blackberry device. But every other thing on the phone still remains as it was before tweaking it.

The IMEI of every smartphone is normally locked to the device and has nothing to do with SIM card change. Knowing the IMEI of your smartphone is of great advantage, and once your device gets stolen, permanent block of the device can be executed once you provide your device carrier with the IMEI.

Most people believe you must root your precious device before changing the IMEI but its not a must as we have successfully been changing IMEI on non rooted devices. The fact is, rooting has nothing to do with tweaking IMEI but it’s only needed if you intend to backup your default IMEI before tweaking, for future purpose like reverting your IMEI to default but this can also be achieved by just dialing *#06# on device keypad, copy out the 15 digit number which is your IMEI to a diary or anywhere safe (if its Dual sim, it will bring out two IMEI numbers respectively). That is how we bypass rooting when tweaking.


=> Once your IMEI is changed, the warranty of the smartphone would be voided.

=> IMEI changing is also illegal in some countries.

=> If you change your Android IMEI to blackberry your network operator automatically sees it as a blackberry device giving you the opportunity to use cheap BB subscription on it.

=> It is not compulsory to root your device before changing your IMEI but dial *#06# to get your default IMEI and save somewhere safe before tweaking.

=> Tweaking has nothing to do with the Sim card as any Sim card would still work on it.

How to Change Android IMEI to Blackberry 
Download Blackberry IMEI Generator here to generate a BB IMEI number.

– Copy out a Blackberry IMEI number with the BB IMEI generator. 

– Also download MTK Engineering Mode Here.

Open the MTK Engineering mode software, you will see Android settings (for non MTK devices) and MTK settings, tap on MTK settings > swipe to connectivity > connectivity > CDS Information > Radio Information > tap on Phone 1 (to change sim 1 IMEI) and Phone 2 (to change sim 2 IMEI).

Lets assume you intend tweaking Phone 1, hit Phone 1 menu, youll see AT+ just enter E (this will pop up some commands) but AT+ EGMR=1,7 is what you need to select from the pop ups, Then paste THE NEW IMEI NUMBER YOU COPIED EARLIER FROM THE BB IMEI GENERATOR (ensure that there’s space between AT+ and EGMR i.e AT+ EGMR=1,7″,338383828283737″

 Tap on Send at Command and you’ll see a message “AT command sent” you are done. You can now reboot your device, dial *#06# to check your new IMEI.

 Want to change for sim 2, just follow the same process above but use AT+ EGMR=1,10, instead of EGMR=1,7. EGMR=1,7 is for Sim one while EGMR=1,10 is for Sim Two. All other things are the same.

Reboot your device and confirm if the IMEI Number was successfully changed by dialing *#06#. That is it! 

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