Unlimited Glo #0.00 Free Browsing Tweak

Prior to everyone’s believe that there can never be a glo free browsing cheat, i can authoritatively tell you one just surfaced on Wednesday and i have been rocking it ever since.

Ever since i have been using FBT, this is  the first time i’ll be using a glo #0.00 cheat at no data cap i.e it is completely unlimited without paying a dime.

Just make sure your account balance is 0.00 and again, make sure you are not on any data plan.
Without wasting much of your time simply follow the detailed requirement and procedures below to use this Unlimited Free Browsing cheat on your glo line.


> Psiphon Pro Lite Handler, Tweakware, Syphon shield

> A Glo SIM with 0.00 airtime balance.

> Strong 3G Network


Phone APN Settings

Use glo default setting (in my own case, i used gloflat as apn and left every other thing blank)


Psiphon/ Tweakware/ Netify/ Syphon Shield Settings

> Launch Your Psiphon or any other VPN app
> Untick Remove Port
> Proxy type: Real Host
> Proxy server: redirect.glo.com
> Real proxy type: Default
> Real proxy server: leave it blank
> Real proxy port: 80
> Now tap on Save.
> Hit Tunnel whole device from the pop up.


Then go to more options and untick connect through a host proxy.
Go back and connect.


It shouldn’t take more than a minute to connect. I will post a video description soon. Kindly make use of the comment box if you experience any difficulty while configuring it or just drop a confirmation message.



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