Watch Stunning Drone Footage Of The £3.6 Billion Apple Park HQ As It Nears Completion [Video+Post]

This week, Duncan Sinfield, a drone videographer took a drone footage of the £3.6 Billion Apple Park HQ and uploaded it to Youtube. The Apple Park HQ has been under construction for almost 5 years but with what we are seeing from the uploaded footage, it’s clear the £3.6 billion edifice is almost nearing completion.

Mr Sinfield wrote: “Apple Park In Cupertino is open! Much of the large construction equipment has been removed from the campus as it is no longer needed. Landscaping gets a finishing touch.”

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Apple Park is Apple’s new campus, consisting of an enormous circular building, with a large central courtyard.

Apple park hq

A range of areas can be seen in the latest video, including the large central courtyard, Steve Jobs Theatre, and employee fitness centre and basketball courts.
Apple park HQ

The central courtyard is now mostly covered in greenery, with a main water feature in the centre.

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Other features that can be seen in the video include the main atrium, an outside dining terrace and the Visitor Centre, which opened its doors in November 2017.

While many of the buildings are now complete, small pieces of construction and landscaping remain, although most employees are now working at the site.

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Apple Park was first envisioned by Steve Jobs in 2006, and the former CEO spent time on the project before his death in 2011.

Construction began in October 2013, and is expected to be completed imminently.

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