Whatsapp, Instagram And Facebook Messenger To Be Merged In One App

In an effort to increase the utility of the social network to keep it’s billions of users highly engaged, Facebook founder Mr. Zuckerberg has planned to merge Facebook Messenger, Instagram chats and Whatsapp messenger into a single app.

The implication of this is that, someone on Whatsapp will be able to chat with another user on Instagram and Facebook Messenger simultaneously from one app.

This Zuckerberg sole idea will definitely redefine the way billions of people use the apps to connect with one another while strengthening Facebook’s grip on users. No doubts, this would further raise antitrust, privacy and security doubts about the Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp ecosystem. This is also asserting his control over the company’s sprawling divisions at a time when its business has been battered by scandal which also underscores how Mr. Zuckerberg is imposing his authority over units he once vowed to leave alone.

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Recall WhatsApp and Instagram were independent companies before Facebook acquired them. At the time of the acquisitions, Mr. Zuckerberg promised WhatsApp and Instagram plenty of autonomy from their new parent company. This has caused strife within Facebook. Instagram’s founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, left the company abruptly last fall after Mr. Zuckerberg began weighing in more. WhatsApp’s founders, Jan Koum and Brian Acton, departed for similar reasons.

More recently, dozens of WhatsApp employees clashed with Mr. Zuckerberg over the integration plan on internal message boards and during a contentious staff meeting in December, according to four people who attended or were briefed on the event.


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By merging the apps’ infrastructure together, Mr. Zuckerberg hopes to increase Facebook’s utility and keep users highly engaged inside the company’s ecosystem. That could reduce people’s appetite for rival messaging services, like those offered by Apple and Google. If users can interact more frequently with Facebook’s apps, the company might also be able to increase its advertising business or add new revenue-generating services, the people said.

As for the date the merging of the Apps’ infrastructures would kick start, no specific date was given but the the process to merge these three messaging services is already in progress and it’s expected to be completed by the end of 2019 or early next year 2020.

For now, the messaging services will still continue to operate independently but their underlying technical infrastructure will be unified, said four people involved in the work. That will bring together three of the world’s largest messaging networks, which between them have more than 2.6 billion users, allowing people to communicate across the platforms for the first time.



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