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Youtube Go: Stream More, Save Less (Download Link)

Youtube Go is the next big deal 

How about streaming a video that would consume about 24MB video on the classic Youtube App with just 2MB of data on the all new Youtube Go?  Sounds good right? Well, this is what the new Youtube Go is all about.

The new Youtube Go can be termed the lite version of Youtube classic. Its aim is to minimize data consumption when watching your favourite YouTube videos and Youtube Go was also developed to work in areas with poor network coverage as it consumes less data just like in Facebook lite and every other lite versions.

Recall Google CEO was in the country some months back for the “Google for Nigeria” and he talked about the Youtube Go and other ways to make Nigeria see the importance of internet uses.
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Youtube Go Features

Asides the fact that the Youtube Go saves data usage and works well in areas with poor internet connectivity, here are other notable features that came with the App. Youtube Go like the classic comes with personalized, recommendation, trending and popular videos nearby. Making it easy to know what’s trending around you. There is also a PC version of the “Youtube Go” which comes with a preview video functionality. This makes it easy to decide what and what not to watch.
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How To Use Youtube Go 

To use the App, download here or directly from Google Playstore.

Launch the App, enter your phone number as prompted then wait for the for Google to verify the number by sending a code in form of text message which you would be asked to submit in order to finalize the verification process (the number must be active in order to get the code).

Having done that, click next to see your Google account already linked. The whole verification process works just like Whatsapp verification.

In conclusion, Youtube Go is the lite version of Youtube classic. It extremely minimizes data consumption and works well regardless of poor internet connectivity.
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